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Instinct for Sales
Passion for Business 
Conscious for People


Bridgeflow is the commercial investment company that invests their time and capacity, commercial skills and strong network in companies that make a difference. Founded by three successful entrepreneurs with a passion for sales & people, we are offering a solution to a fundamental challenge in any organisation: maximise growth through sales.

Imagine the potential when not only your sales people perform better, but your whole organisation becomes sales minded?
This is why we step in. Together we create a transformation that reflects enthusiasm, human touch and sales attitude. 

Our sales approach is based on ‘’sales rules’’ instead of the traditional sales ‘’processes’’, having its roots in sports. In fast changing environments, you benefit more from clear rules than rigid processes. 

What you will get
An inspired company that realises full commercial potential and understands that winning is the team effort and not individual success. By igniting your business, we are delivering a true sales transformation and co-design a sales program. At the same time we commit ourselves ('skin in the game') to execute the game changing commercial strategy resulting in:

- revenue growth
- entrepreneurial spirit
- sales driven mentality
- connected conscious teams

What we expect from you 
Running a sales transformation program requires professionalism and commitment from everybody in your company. Our intent is to create a structural and sustainable collaboration framework built on a fair-share concept.  Once we have achieved our committed revenue target of the first term, we jointly decide how to proceed for the long term.

Due diligence to get started 
The road to success and the road to failure is almost the same. It is important for both parties to check the alignment on the cultural, financial and human aspect. Based upon the evaluation of your commercial strategy, pipeline quality and interactions with your team we jointly define the road to success.

how we dO it

With passion, expertise, skills, extended network and our commitment to succeed

business model

We are testing and completing your
 business model

sales program

We are providing and co-executing a winning sales program

people matrix

We are transforming your
sales team

WHo we are

We are passionate about people and love to help companies develop long term business value using our strong international network and senior skills 

In business people are key to success. But not all people are entrepreneurial and sales driven. This is where we step in. Creating a sales transformation where your company will be infected by our enthusiasm, our human touch and our sales acumen resulting in a more sales driven culture. At the same time, we use our long-term sales experience and network to realize rapid results.

BridgeFlow is founded by three experienced entrepreneurs with an instinct for sales, passion for business and being conscious of people. We have a proven track record in developing sales driven cultures in various industries and different company stages. We love to boost both revenues as well as personal development creating a sustainable sales transformation and revenue growth. 

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